White Dwarf Media – India’s Leading SMS Marketing Company

White Dwarf Media is a leading SMS marketing company in India. Our SMS services works for you, enabling you to directly reach your contacts and connect with them, promote your services, or make announcements. We believe an SMS service should be simple to use, simple to afford, and simple to customize, which is why we make launching a custom SMS marketing campaign pleasurable, inexpensive, and quick. We create as well as run your campaign and if you wish to create a custom-made bulk SMS campaign based on your own business needs and time frame, we will assist that for you too.

What is SMS Marketing?

Short Message Service (SMS) is the facility to send & receive text messages to and from mobile telephones. SMS Marketing is a simple, fast and cost effective way to promote businesses, services and products by sending a Short code/ Long code text message to presented customers, users and new leads.

SMS Marketing, Leads by SMS

Benefits OF SMS Marketing:

• Enables actually personalized communication with customers

• Shortens your time to market significantly

• Allows the transmission of time-responsive information

• Ensure text message delivery

• Guarantees that your marketing messages are always welcome

• Enables you to efficiently target both new and existing customers

• Maximizes cost-efficiency and returns

• It is GREEN!