Mobile Marketing Solutions


mobile marketing company in Mumbai, India

Mobile marketing is promotional technique designed for delivery to cell phones, smartphones, and tabs. Usually, as a component of a multi-channel campaign, several mobile marketing is similar to advertising delivered over other channels such as text, graphics and voice messages etc. Mobile Marketing Solution Includes SMS and Whatsapp marketing it’s the instant and quick solution and also cost-effective it helps to reach mass audiences

White Dwarf digital marketing is a mobile marketing company in India that has a team of experts providing mobile marketing solutions, data analytics, technical skills and understanding of the market to deliver appealing content through the mobile platform. We develop strategies and implement them in intently defined geographic targets referenced to your products and services to higher returns and give you huge benefits. We can execute interesting bulk SMS marketing campaigns, MMS campaigns, unique offers & deals, QR Codes, functional fun apps and even mobile cold calling that will stir up interest and lead a customer to buy.

Mobile has become the fastest growing marketing channel. Targeting capability on mobile has also become a lot more complex and this has had a positive impact on ROI. Targeting options like now include App or Page content, Area Code, Geo-location, Mobile Provider, Device Type, and Time of Day. Through our in-house Mobile advertisement, White Dwarf delivers thousands of daily visitors to our advertiser’s campaigns through mobile traffic.

Give an opportunity to us to know how your company can gear up to take advantage of our mobile marketing solutions. Get in touch with us today.